Those who want to create an embedded web server start with the most basic in general. And in the case of the Web Server, many tutorials and examples are already opened on the website. Even Arduino provides a Simple Web server. Most of the examples control LEDs and switches on the Web server. Also, most of them are for the hobby, not for sale.

So what we are going to introduce here is “Web Application”. Web Application is created to use more embedded Web server. WIZnet web application includes many embedded examples that can be driven by Web servers such as LED, Switch, Relay, and Serial. The code is also distributed to Github and can be downloaded and customized directly if you want. We will continue with an introduction to the Web Application product.


1. WIZ200web



It is the Web Application product that was released long ago in WIZnet. The product has been discontinued but there are still people who use it. WIZ200web is a product made in accordance with HTML format only in C language. So for the beginners of a web server, it is a module that can learn the C language and HTML together. The data of WIZ220web can be downloaded from the link below.

WIZ220web is also used with EVB.


2. WIZ550web

WIZ550web에 대한 이미지 검색결과

It is a web application product made using WIZnet’s W5500 chip.

It is the latest product and is made by adding various functions such as HTML, Java, Jason and Ajax format.

WIZ550web is used with baseboard as same as WIZ220web. WIZ550web baseboard provides many functions such as 8 relays, temperature sensor, RS-232C, Rs-422/485 serial communication.

And the MCU used in the WIZ550web are designed to be used with the Cortex-M4 for customers who want a higher specification. Also, you can use Cortex-M3.

The product can be manufactured more compactly later on and you can also create a central control system by running as a server like a device server.

Please refer to the following link for all descriptions and materials of this product.


Curator : Edward