4.0 Industry

The world is now the age of the fourth industrial revolution. Many IoT products have been produced and the related platform is created. Maker is the one of the main reason to be started the fourth industrial revolution.



Manufacturers from around the world implement their ideas, use it in their own lives, and provide it on the offline/online.

There are many online maker space such as Hackster io. Instructable, Arduino homepage. WIZnet Museum is the one of our online maker space and it has displayed more than 2600 articles.


WIZnet Museum

Unlike the other online maker space, WIZnet Museum does not post ideas directly, but we look for the makers’ works from various places then ask them to share their ideas.

In this article, let’s take a look at the published articles in WIZnet Museum in the first half of 2018 and how it was implemented.

Makers work in the first half of 2018 (WIZnet Museum)

There are more than 250 articles posted at the WIZnet Museum in the first half of 2018. The year of published works varies from early 2000 to 2018. Among them, 20 works were produced in the first half of 2018.

The works produced in the first half of 2018 are as follows among the works posted on WIZnet Museum.


As you can see from the list of works, it is all related to the Network devices made with Arduino, Raspberry pi, WIZwiki w7500 and etc. that can be easily looked for by the manufacturer. Let’s look at how these ideas came up with.

Alexa Controlled Face Recognizing Arduino Door Bell




This work is based on the idea that to find out who came from outside the door when you stay in the room.

It is a work that allows the camera to take a photo using voice recognition and receive the photo to tell who it is. For the simple implementation, Alexa was used as a speech recognition device, Cloud Web Service(AWS) was used for photo analysis, and Arduino UNO was used to control the camera. Also, it was used Arduino Ethernet Shield to communicate between Arduino UNO and AWS.



It easily made speech recognition control by connecting Arduino with existing devices and I think it is highly utilized in the future. Please follow the link below for more detailed information.



Ubidots and WIZnet partner for Simple Embedded IoT Solutions

Works that can be connected with Cloud Platform



There are many examples of Cloud Platform which is made by makers who created their own Arduino and devices. This work is registered in Ubidots, one of the Cloud Platform. It is a kind of manual that tells how to connect with Ubidots Platform by using WizFi310 Shield that supports WiFi wireless communication.

Please follow the link below for more detailed information.





RPI EtherCAT Master (PiCAT) / 2-DOF Robot controlled by Raspberry pi EtherCAT (PiCAT)

EtherCAT Robot

These works use Raspberry pi to implement EtherCat(one of the industrial Ethernet) to control the Robot. This work has implemented the functions through Raspberry pi and used the W5500 which supports high-speed SPI communication because the existing USB Ethernet controller has a problem to construct a real-time network.

We used EtherCAT communication among the network protocols to create a Robot to control in real time. Therefore, Raspberry pi and W5500 are used to implement EtherCAT communication.

I think this work would be good to refer if you want to control the robot in real time. Please follow the link below for more detailed information.




We looked at the works in the first half of 2018, which were on published at the WIZnet museum so far. Makers keep thinking their ideas to implement it in real life, and many of these Network related works can be found at the WIZnet museum. How about visiting the WIZnet museum site to share the ideas of other makers if you are a maker who is the center of the 4th industry to implement your ideas?


Curator: Matthew