Smart Home Project

An Internet service provider advertises “Smart homes help create happy changes in daily life” by providing a configuration screen where customers can set up their own environment in the house without any complications. So, smart IoT technologies are coming into our homes to reduce inconveniences.

I would like to introduce DIY smart home services using Arduino in this post.


Arduino, MQTT, OpenHAB and the Ultimate Room Control Panel
This project used the OpenHAB platform to create an APP for smartphones, and built a controller using Arduino through a web server.

For more details, please refer to the following link.

Air quality / weather station

This project consists of a device that measures temperature, noise, and CO2 and Cloud server that collects data. The device has the temperature, noise, and CO2 sensor connected to Arduino and uses for Cloud server.



For more details, please refer to the following link.

Smart Doorbell

This project creates a Security System using Blynk app and Arduino. The function of the Smart Doorbell is as follows: if someone presses your doorbell, Arduino sends the data to Blynk App through Ethernet, and the Blynk App alerts you.


Curator : Patrick from WIZnet
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