Project Description

The WizYasep is an an electronic circuit board, designed to transmit and transcode data flows through Ethernet, at high speed, low latency and low jitter. Its first purpose is the control of networked LED screens (made of asynchronous RBG LED)

Its simplicity, performance and versatility surpass the PixelPusher but also make it ideal for many industrial, embedded and real-time applications. Its extension connectors provide additional flexible functions, for example up to 24 LED channels !



The author used WIZnet’s WIZ830MJ module for the high performance.

The Wiznet combines a non-volatile FPGA and a Wiznet module with hardwired TCP/IP stack to overcome the inherent limitations of classic sequential microcontrollers or microprocessors. At power-up, the board is immediately functional because there is no operating system. Hardwired, parallel features also garantee extremely short and stable timings: the Wiznet controller’s ping round trip time is only 0,1ms through one hub, 7× faster than a Raspberry Pi.

The WizYasep board can accomodate to very demanding projects, thanks to its reconfigurable FPGA and with the help of an extension board.


The french artist Fred Sapey-Triomphe has built a 42×4m screen at a temporary railway station in Belgium, for the Mons2015 festivities. With the 10cm pixel pitch, there are 420×40=16800 RGB LED that must be individually updated at 25Hz. 1.3MB/s must be distributed over 42m, which is not possible without Ethernet! The many power supplies create their own problems as well, particularly during power-up.

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