Project Description

1_Physical Home Automation Interface

This project is made of physical interface version about virtual interface of home automation.
Physical interface is a small model house that physically mimics the things you can know about in my real house.
(using the MQTT protocol)
So when the garage door is opened, you can watch the garage door on the model also open.

7_Physical Home Automation Interface

In the following steps,
1. Build a model house to display things like door position, energy usage, and whether a light has been left on.
2. Build an energy monitor using the Open Energy Monitor Arduino library, and feed energy usage information to the model house and to OpenHAB
3. Provide a couple ways of sending door/window position to the model house. Show how the Wink Hub and the Wink “Tripper” contact sensor data can be utilized in a DIY home automation system.
4. Use Wink and Arduino to perform outputs, like open/close the actual garage door or turn lights on and off.


3_Physical Home Automation Interface
– Arduino Yun
– Arduino Uno
– Ethernet Shield
– Button


You can connect Servo motor/led/switch and Ethernet shield

6_Physical Home Automation Interface

5_Physical Home Automation Interface

Connect the pin of Ethernet Shield and sensor:

  • status pin LED: 7
  • lihting indicator LED: 4
  • Servo 1 (front door): 3
  • Servo 2 (garage door): 5
  • Servo 3 (shrub of energy use): 6
  • Button 1 (Lights on/off): 8
  • Button 2 (Garage door open/close): 9

2_Physical Home Automation Interface
This figure shows physical house and virtual Garage via monitor.
The model house also has two buttons. One of the buttons toggles a zigbee lightbulb on/off. The other button opens and closes the garage door (on the REAL house).

This video shows that when the physical house garage door is opened, the virtual garage door on the model will be also opened.

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