Project Description

This is the W5500 Application posted in the site.

This library allow the use of the WIZnet / WIZ550io in Firewing that mount W5500 ethernet chip. The W5500 has within it all the logic related to the TCP client / server and responds to the ping without special drivers, can enable wake on lan feature and it is for this reason that lends itself to be used quickly and without a great deal of memory. Compared to his older brother W5100 has far fewer pins, a simple buffer management (no more fraction) allowing direct access to the memory in a sequential manner and more available sockets.

Firewing is explained in the firewing site.

Firewing is a modular hardware and software development system based around powerful Microchip microcontrollers. With either 8, 16 or 32 bit versions, you will be able to realise many great projects using the free Firewing compiler.


Several kinds of Arduino-compatible Shields can be used for Firewing MainBoard.

Firewing hardware

Firewing hardware

The author made a Home-made W5500 Based Ethernet Shield which is very low cost ethernet shield with WIZnet latest born WIZ550io module with HTTP / SOAP server example.

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