Project Description

Parallax’s Propeller chip has unique features as it has eight processors, called cogs, that can perform simultaneous tasks independently or cooperatively, all while maintaining a relatively simple architecture that is easy to learn and utilize. Two programming languages are available: Spin (a high-level object-based language) and Propeller Assembly. Both include custom commands to easily manage the Propeller chip’s unique features.



The driver of  W5500 is ported on Propeller chip and all source code and demo files are opened at the github. It’s based on Mke G’s W5200 driver and the SPI routine and read & write functions are changed. To test the operation, Propeller Activity Board is used and WIZ550io is wired on the breadboard. The interface is SPI so MISO, MOSI, SCLK and nReset signals are connected and you can see the opertation by downloading the the demo file, TcpMultiSocketServerDemo.spin on your Propeller board.