Project Description

Tony’s blog called Tony’s IoT Experiments is introduced in this post.

Tony runs a Smart Garden project as an IoT Experiments.

Tony's IoT Experiments

Tony’s IoT Experiments

Smart Garden is an intelligent multi-station irrigation and environment monitoring system.

His blog has posts of procedures of building the Smart Garden since June, 2014 and still updating.

He started the project with irrigation part using OpenSprinkler design and now the Smart Garden is advanced with RF network and sensor.

His blog is filled with very detailed posts that has information of the procedure, used products, price of the products and personal evaluation of its performances.

W5500 Ethernet Performance

About W5500 Ethernet Performance

Furthermore, all of circuit and codes are opened through the Github and this will lead many people to build an application similar to the Smart Garden easier.

Smart Garden not just has the Embedded technology but various technic such as Web server, Java script, and SQL are included.

Web Connectivity is supported by W5500 Ethernet Shield. <– I had to write this sentence. I’m an employee of WIZnet. :)

I’m certain that a person who can understand and follow every single technic of Tony’s Smart Garden is already a great IoT engineer.

Following pictures are his Smart Garden pictures.

Wireless remote Station

Wireless remote Station

Sprinklers controller

Sprinklers controller

SmartGarden v1.5 Home screen

SmartGarden v1.5 Home screen

Sensors data visualizer

Sensors data visualizer using highchart library

Visit the following link for the further information.

Author blog:

Schematics and Code: