Project Description

‘Smart Home Automation with Android + Ethernet Internet + Arduino’ project implemented a Home automation using Arduino / W5100 Arduino Ethernet shield /  Android smartphone App (App inventor).  This project is a good example for studying about remote control implementation using android Apps. Impress your friends showing on Smartphone that you can switch on/off lamp in your apartment miles away and simultaneously see it through a webcam, opening doors.


Smart Home Automation with Android + Ethernet + Arduino



For more informations, please visit project owner’s instructables page,



Step by step guide 

1. Prepare Materials

01 – Smartphone with Android 2.3+
01 – Wire Ethernet + Router (My Model is TP-Link (TL-WR740N)
01 – Arduino Mega 2560 ou Arduino Uno + Shield W5100 (Ethernet)
01 – Led IR (Optional)
02 – Leds + Jumpers Wires


Step 2: App Inventor (application that control the Arduino via the Internet)

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App inventor 2 link:


Step 3: Sketch to Arduino Mega – Code Link Download


Owner’s Arduino code download link:

Free Dynamic DNS,  How can you creating a, Acess the link:


Step 4: Understanding the code and main features




Original Author: Alan Vieira,,, Comment reply: OK, Checking for sample request