Project Description

The author wanted to make a fun and simple project that he made to remotely view the webcam in his living room and be able to move it around.
If thief sees this product, he will betake himself to flight.

Remote webcam_1
Parts Required

Remote webcam_2

Remote webcam_3

Remote webcam_4
– Pan and Tilt Servo Mount and servos : [link]
– breadboard,jumper,power supply : [link]
– 9V Power supply adapter 2EA :[linK]
– Arduino Uno : [link]
– Arduino Ethernet Shield : [link]


Remote webcam_5

Manufacturer recommendation
1.The thing is to power the servos separately. The arduino does have 5v out but it’s not enough to run 2 servos and the arduino at the same time. Don’t forget to ground to the arduino too.
2.The arduino code is based on his network settings. From within his network he accesses his router by going to Yours may be different and you will need to change the code to reflect that.

Arduino Source code
If you need to obtain the source code, you should download it via [link](

For more information information, please refer to the author’s website.