Project Description

Mutual Authentification and Key Agreement Scheme between Lightweight Devices in IoT

IoT, which can be regarded as an enhanced version of M2M communication technology, was proposed to realize
intelligent thing to thing communications by utilizing Internet connectivity.
Under the respect, a IETF standard group proposes to use lightweight version of DTLS protocol for supporting security
services in IoT environments.

The IETF CORE group, has standardized the CoAP(Constrained Application Protocol) for IoT environment.
In particular, they are seeking a plan how to have lightweight and apply the security protocols, DTLS(Datagram Transport Layer Security) and HIP, that have been used in the existing Internet environment to match the resource constrained environment for secure service.

(a) is transfer and (b) is receiver. HASH function used open MD5.

This project doesn’t support a source code and data.

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