Project Description

Let’s make a game! As you see below image, it’s very simple, but exiting!


In this game, the rule is to keep up with blinking sequence of LED lights by pressing buttons. So if the first and a third LEDs blink, a player has to press the first button first and then press the third button next in order to get the point. If th order was correct, an yellow LED will blink three times and will give 10 points. If the order was wrong, a 1 point will be deducted.

Do you think it’s too simple?

It’s not that easy to keep up with blinking speed, and a lot of people lose point at later stage of the game. Here is a demo video.

This game has been created by a WIZnet engineer. The parts such as LED, buttons, OLED and WIZwki-W7500, are easily found in his work place. He thought he could make the game just by assembling them.


Connect the parts as below.



Below is the system operation flow.



All software has been programmed on the mbed platform. If you click below link, you could get all codes for this project