Project Description

Do you like a popular game, Minecraft ?

If yes, it would be great project for you.

If not, it would be just a project with IONO var product.

Minecraft is a very popular game that uses a distributed clients-server architecture.

The players use their Minecraft client application to connect to a centralized server that runs an instance of the Minecraft server.


Let’s watch this video!


How it works?

As you can see from the video, controlling some lights by placing torches in Minecraft home. The controlled light depends on the color of the block you place the torch on.

I created a Minecraft server plugin that reacts to torches being placed on top of wool blocks.

At this point it performs an HTTP request to the IONO Ethernet module using its HTTP API to activate the corresponding relay.


One of the interesting aspects about Minecraft is that it has a very active community of modders, that is developers who create mods (i.e. modifications) to add new features and capabilities to the vanilla version of the game.

One way of creating mods is to create plugins for versions of the Minecraft server supporting the Bukkit API.

For this project I used Glowstone, which is an open source Minecraft server that supports plugins written for the Bukkit API. I like it because, even though it is still in an early stage and it is lacking many features, it has been completely rewritten from scratch, without using any of the original proprietary code.



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