Project Description

project : This project is about a coffee machine that can be controlled via Internet

The author used Ethernet Shield for the network connection and the relay made with Arduino to control the power of coffeepot.

Feature :

  • 15 minute automatic shutoff
  • Controlled via HTTP Requests
  • Status, start, and stop requests
  • Returns JSON meant for AJAX interfaces
  • Ready and running LEDs

coffer make mode hardware:

Relay hardware :

Currently the process will work like this:

  1. Put in coffee grounds/filter/water
  2. Press ready button to enter coffee pot into ready state
  3. When coffee is desired, send /start/ request
  4. Wait for coffee to finish
  5. Send manual /stop/ request OR wait for timed automatic shut off to take place after 15 minutes

Arduino Relay Tutorial :

Source Code :