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aREST – Get Started: Ethernet Communications

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The aREST framework is a complete solution to build powerful RESTful applications based on the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi and other open source hardware platform. It can handle all kind of communications via Serial, WiFi, Ethernet, and much more. It includes libraries for boards themselves, like Arduino boards, and also server-side code to handle the communications between a server and remote devices. The aREST framework is of course completely open-source and free to use.


The aREST framework was created to give RESTful interface to several embedded boards & platforms. In a nutshell, the library allows you to send commands to a given board running aREST, provoke an action (or just get some data), and send data back in a JSON container.

For example, to set the state of pin 6 to HIGH on an Arduino board running aREST, connected to your local network via Ethernet, and with the IP address, you would send the command:

It’s that simple. As an answer, the board will then send:

This makes aREST really easy to use for your connected project. You don’t have to change the code on your embedded boards anymore: set it once, and then interact with your boards using a RESTful interface.

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