Project Description

Arduino 2009 Wiznet Ethernet Shield proper reset

by Marco Guardigli

This is a reset button solution to fix network operation in arduino ethernet.

How to

Problem: Arduino 2009 with wiznet w5100 ethernet shield does not start network operations after power-up.
It works well if the reset button is pressed.

Solution: I implemented davekw7x’s suggestions (THANK YOU!), as cited in this arduino forum page (ref. reply #11)
this solution requires a 10kOhm resistor, and a 10nf capacitor.

Here are the detailed steps and some pictures:

  1. bend outwards the ethernet shield reset pin “leg”, so that it will not go in the arduino reset socket.
  2. solder the 10kOhm resistor between reset pin and the nearby 3.3 Vcc
  3. solder the 10nf capacitor between reset pin and ground

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TAG : 201012, W5100, Arduino Ethernet, Power On Reset
AUTHOR : Marco Guardigli( Ravenna Italy (EU), not responding.