Project Description


An Arduino and Ethernet shield are used as an Arduino web server data logger that periodically logs data to a file on the SD card. The logged data can be viewed on a web page.



In the Arduino sketch for this project, the value from analog input A5 is logged to file together with the time in milliseconds from the millis() function. Any other data could be logged in the same way, such as temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.

Data can be logged at the interval set in the sketch. The example sketch logs data every 5000 milliseconds or 5 seconds.



Arduino Board

Ethernet Shield

Micro SDcard

USB cable for programming and powering the Arduino

Ethernet patch cable for connecting the Arduino to the local network



After loading the web files to the micro SD card, insert it into the socket on the Ethernet shield. Load the sketch to the Arduino and use a web browser to surf to the IP address set in the sketch. The web page hosted by the Arduino will be displayed in the web browser. Click the link on the web page to load the log file to the web page, click the link periodically to refresh the log file on the web page.


For more information such as specific code, please refer to the following links.


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