Project Description

You can make a toy for your cat! If you raise a cat, what about making a cheery cat toy that sends tweets? The author started this project for his wife and cat.

I admit, I do like our new addition to the family. Chester is a spunky little stray who’s always looking for fun. Even if it means knocking a few things off my desk as I write this article. The only problem is, when my wife goes in to work, she misses her new cat and always wants to know his whereabouts.

She used to ask me for updates, but after a while I realized that I needed to make something that would take me out of the loop, and let the cat communicate with my wife directly via I needed a Twittering cat toy. And that’s how Kitty Twitty came to fruition, after some basic soldering and crafting with just a few parts.




The author explains how you can make this toy in 12 steps. (making the case, decoration, Ethernet connection, tweeting update and etc)

If you visit the below link, you can see all detailed steps and source code.