Home Automation

1. Intro

Safety and security issues are emerging in the modern society where is increasing 1 person household. Most single person households are in their 20s and 30s. They show a pattern of life that leave the house in the morning and enter in the evening. It happens all the time that stranger enters the house or leave the house without turning off the gas stoves, boilers, TV, and other electrical appliances. Especially, as internet shopping penetrates into every day, numerous parcels or delivery arrives at home. And these daily factors are a safety issue for 1 person household. As the use of smartphones has become popular, there is an increasing tendency to use smart devices for security, home appliances, and healthcare that can be linked to the smartphone.



Smart home products can solve these problems. Smart home products can be remotely controlled through smart hubs. Technologies are being developed to enable real-time monitoring of what is happening in the house through remote gas control, remote door locks, indoor cameras. It is also possible to turn on and off various electronic products through the smart plug. Remotely checking the home entrance during absence and confirming the identity technology also plays a huge role in preventing accidental loss of delivery products.

In this article, we will introduce smart home devices and examine Home Automation examples using WIZnet products.


2. Commercial Products

Here are some smart home devices that are on sale now.

A. Door Open Sensor


The door open sensor can be turned on by setting the time when the house is empty and during the sleep. When someone is invaded from outside at that time, a siren alarm sounds and an SOS message is automatically sent. Also, there is a function to send notifications if the sensor detects nothing during the set time.

B. Smart Plug


The Smart Plug is very useful because it can turn on/off and measure the electricity. You can turn it on before you go home for preheating and air conditioning. Also, you can turn it off if you leave the house without turning off the heater at a pre-set time. You can also save energy by setting a low power level to prevent too much using power consumption.

C.Smart Switch


Smart Switch is very useful because they can turn on/off the lights from inside and outside the house through the smartphone. You can turn off the lights when you leave the house without turning off or when you are lying in bed and you don’t want to move anywhere. Also, you can turn on the lights anytime when you are worried about going out for a long time with the empty house or it can be possible to turn on through smartphone for your dogs.

SK Telecom ‘NUGU’, an artificial intelligent speaker, can also be used to control the switch by voice.


3. Home Automation using WIZnet products


This is an example of Home Automation uploaded in WIZnet Museum website.

It is built using Arduino Uno, 4 Channel Relay Modules, and Ethernet Shield. It is possible to turn on/off the light simply by commanding the board connected with Ethernet using the notebook.


The hardware configuration as well as the software configuration is described.

The detailed information will be provided at the link below. You can find more examples about Home Automation at WIZnet Museum website.

참조 : http://wiznetmuseum.com/portfolio-items/3ethernet-based-home-automation-using-arduino/


4. WIZnet Contest

DCS(Dome Control System)


This is a project that implements Home Automation using WizArduino MEGA WIFI from Wiznetian IoT Design Contest. This has door opener detection system, illumination detection system, light-outs system, multi-tap on/off system, and monitoring system to see at a single glance the status inside the dome. We understand the overall concept of Home Automation and remotely control the dome using the network. This is a good project with analog sensitivity such as switching on/off with hardware-wise.

The detailed information will be provided at the link below.

참조 : http://wiznetian.com/contest-entry/dcs-dome-control-system/


Curator : DKay

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