DIY Smart Home Projects

The housing culture has been changing along to the smart home technology with development of IoT. Users are familiar with monitoring inside the house using webcam and controlling devices in the house remotely.

In addition, makers share their smart home projects on the Internet under the influence of open source hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

This posting will show introduce the makers smart home projects.


Arduino Fish Tank Controller

This project shows how to implement web server using Arduino and Ethernet Shield for controlling the lighting device and feeding device used in aquariums. The author implements the device to monitor the temperature inside the aquarium and the outside temperature using temperature sensor.



The author developed this device to feed cats automatically.
There is a button attached to the device that can feed cats remotely. Users can also feed cats using smartphones because the Ethernet device is connected to the feeder.

Twitter Controlled Pet Feeder

This author implemented a device that can control pet feeder via Twitter Messages. Using the popular social network tool, Twitter, to control the pet feeder is the main feature of this project.



This author built a system that can measure the temperature & humidity of the flowerpot and water them remotely. The cloud service called Paraimpu was used, enabling users to turn on and off the automatic watering system with a control signal from Twitter after sending the measured temperature value to Tweeter using Paraimpu.


The author aimed to make a smart grill that can measure and control the temperature of the grill and food. This project can provide the function of controlling and printing out data in different forms at the Front-end using Azure cloud service created by Microsoft.

Please refer to each links to get more information about what was used in each projects; boards used, cloud systems, implementation method, and source codes.

You can easily learn the necessary techniquies from these materials and you’ll be able to create your own unique project by adding your own ideas.

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