Ethernet Collection

Various Applications


Engineering Drawing Robot


In this project we propose an educational robotic drawing system for learning purpose. Our system uses robot to draw projection of lines and all engineering geometry such as cube ,triangle ,square, polygon autonomously .The bot is completely autonomous once it is programmed through software interface.

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IoT@School: An IoT Implementation for Monitoring Air Quality

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Recently, one of serious air pollution issue is fine dust. And it charges a lot of portion. We need to monitor an air quality and handle this! Before we figure out it, looking up how to monitor an air quality.

Connect your WizFi310 to Ubidots

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Have you used Wi-Fi module before? Arduino and Wi-Fi module 'WizFi310' are used in this project to send a HTTP POST Request to Ubidot. Like this example, you can request a HTTP REST API to other server using a WizFi310.