Project Description

Project Description


W5500 Ethernet Control Board is a new member of DFRobot Ethernet Family.


It integrates ATmega32u4 and W5500 Ethernet chip and can meet requirements of common IoT project. Other than the traditional W5200 Ethernet board; W5500 Ethernet control board is equiped with POE Power supply, Wake-on-LAN, Integration of Main Control Board.




W5500 Ethernet chip integrates haardware TCP/IP protocol stack, 10/100M Ethernet link layer (MAC) and physical layer PHY inside. Depending on these, user could use one single chip to achieve their network communication application. What’s more, W5500 supports TCP,UDP,IPv4,ICMP,ARP & PPPoE protocols, and it is embedded with 32KB buffer to support Ethernet packet handling, which makes W5500 more simple and convenient than other solutions. In addition, W5500 supports high speed SPI of 80MHz communication and Wake-on-LAN mode to satisfy with user’ application.

W5500 Ethernet with POE Mainboard is an Arduino control board which conforms to IEEE 802.3af & POE Power Supply Protocol. It has the same size with Leonardo. There are POE power supply & voltage regulator circuit, external power supply voltage regulator circuit, SD card circuit, Leonardo main control unit circuit and standard Arduino interface. To avoid traditional cheap DC-DC power supply solution’s low reliability when the power source variation, W5500 Ethernet chip, which makes the whole system work under more complex environment.



Technical Parameters

MCU: ATmel Atmega32u4
External Input Voltage (recommendede):7V~20V DC
External Input Voltage (limited):<23V DC
POE Input Voltage:48V AC/DC
Digital I/O pin:20 (6 of them are PWM interface)
Flash Size:32KB (4KB of it is used for bootloader)
Clock Frequency:16MHz
PHY:WIZnet W5500


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