Project Description

This project falls into the concept of IoT based Smart City and aims to carry out the deployment of a complete system in a University campus environment. Additionally, the development of a Global Connector has been evaluated, which would allow a generalized utilization of different platforms to carry this out in an agile and efficient manner. The scope of the project includes the Sensors, which generate the data; four different Platforms, which integrate the sensors and manage the data; a Server, which stores the data and performs data publishing and retrieving functions; a Connector, which is a software program that connects the platforms with the server; and the Client Application, which retrieves and utilizes the data. After evaluating different alternatives, the best option for the multi-platform Global Connector has been found to be a program that would allow the generation of code for the connector for any of these platforms.

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Tag : 201606, W5100, Ethernet Shield, IoT, Energy conservation

Author : Sònia Gudayol Marquès

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