Project Description

How to: Connect your Arduino to the Internet as a Web Server

0.Connect your Arduino to the Internet as a Web Server

This project is a servo and LED those are controlled via a Webpage. The control page is accessible from both the private and public networks.


  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • Some Jumper line


1.Connect your Arduino to the Internet as a Web Server

Port Forwarding

If you want anyone, anywhere to have access to the Arduino Web Server we need to setup something called port forwarding.
1. Find the IP address of your Arduino and logged into you router,find a page similar to “Attached Devices”
2. Find a page within your router called “Port Forwarding”.From here you will have to find the option to “add custom service” or something similar. To setup a new custom service, enter the LAN IP address of your Arduino, choose TCP/UDP for protocol, choose an open port, how about 8081.

Arduino sketch

  • Download the Github : LINK
    In a Web browser navigat to “”


The video shows you turing voth the sevo and LED on and off from my computer and phone. You also have a live video feed coming from a wireless IP camera. You were to use this functionality for a renote control application that required monitoring of the system.

For more details, please visite the link :