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Ethernet or Internet communication originally, a protocol has been defined between peer-to-peer and configured to communicate with that protocol.Ethernet shield uses the chip of Wiznet W5500 which solves the TCP/IP Protocols.


Arduino Uno

Wiznet W5500 Ethernet Shield

Ultra Sonic Sensor(HC-SR04)


Infrared rays sensor(GP2Y0A41SK0F)



Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04)

the principle for generating the ultrasonic  piezoelectric effect ( the piezoelectric effect *) equal to .
– The ultrasonic sensor used generates a frequency of about  40KHz  and can measure the distance from 5 ~ 7m .
– These ultrasonic sensors are used for distance measurement .
– an ultrasonic sensor and transmitter  to the receiver and divided ,  a transmission signal is reflected  to the receiver to receive the calculated distance based on the time difference for it .
– Operation  triger the pin 10us  enough high  main surface of the ultrasonic sensor signal is  40kHz  automatically the pulse  8 raises times .
– Immediately after the pulse that caused the  echo pin is high when the reflected ultrasonic waves are detected  echo pin is LOW it is a .
– Measure the time it takes for this  echo pin to go  high and go  low , then divide the time by the speed of the ultrasonic wave / 2 ( round trip / 2) to get the distance .
Ultrasonic Sensor (HC-SR04)
The speed of the ultrasonic wave is about  340m / s
– transmission of the ultrasonic sensor ( triger ) spaced a certain time from the emission of short ultrasonic pulses ,  the pulse in the return hit the object  receiver (echo) received in , and calculates a distance based on the time difference for it .
– The time taken to move 1cm can be obtained as follows .
– Therefore , t = 2 * 0.01 / 340 = 58.824us to ,  ultrasound is 1cm time it takes to move is about  29us takes .
– distance (cm) = duration ( round trip time ) / 29/2 ( round trip )

More description on ultrasonic sensors follow the below link

Infrared sensor (GP2Y0A21YK0F)

nfrared sensors are usually measured distance ,  the human body detection  is used a lot .
– an infrared sensor that emits light of a certain frequency  the light emitting portion , the light emitting is reflected for detecting  a light receiving portion composed of .
– Infrared sensor detects the light reflected by this metaphor of the object , you can see the distance to the object or free .
– The above element is   a device composed of integrated light emitting part and light receiving part .
– infrared light to external  noise because the receive too much ,  there are disadvantages that should be used only indoors.

Servo Motor (SG90):

Servo motors are  widely used in robotics field by taking advantage of precise angle control  .
– Angle control is  possible from 0-180 degrees or 360 degrees  .
– In other words , the motor can fit your exact position and speed along the predetermined command  called servo motors must .
– The servomotor is controlled by adjusting the pulse width using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) .
– At this time , when controlling the angle , it is possible to control by adjusting the length of duty cycle shown below  .
– using  SG90 is a cycle is  20ms , and fixed to , in the one period  Duty Cycle is a few yinya the angle moving along varies

Circuit Diagram:

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