Project Description

This project was started as an idea of remotely monitoring author’s dog to know its real time position. Due to some problem, the author decided to start the prototype first, and come up with perfectly implemented type for his dog.

For this project, he will implement web server on his arudino and apply the DDNS service.

Below simple diagram shows the scheme of this project

arduino_trackThe list of materials are as below.

  • 2x Arduino Uno R3.
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield REV 3 with microSD card.
  • GPS Module + 3v3 power supply (used in my GPS tracking project)
  • 2x 10K resistor.
  • LDR sensor.
  • Temperature  sensor (Thermistor)
  • Buzzer

Below picture is the prototype hardware that he assembled.


Below is the web page shows the position of the device


If you want to to know more about this project and get the source, visit below link.