Allow me to introduce IoT Smart Doorbell projects.

These days, home automation using IoT has attracted lots of attention due to smartphone remote controls gaining popularity.

One example of home automation is an IoT Smart Doorbell  – a device that notifies users via smartphone when a visitor presses the doorbell or when it recognizes a visitor through a human body sensor. The IoT Smart Door Lock provides three basic functionalities: it can recognize visitors through the doorbell or body sensor aforementioned, images of the visitor are captured via webcam, and users can open the door via smartphone.


The following are examples of simple IoT Smart Doorbell projects.

  1. Smart Doorbell

The author implemented an IoT Smart Doorbell using Arduino and Blynk in this project. He didn’t make an actual doorbell but instead used a Tact Switch as a doorbell so that when a visitor presses the Tact Switch, the person at home is notified via Blynk on his smartphone.



Original content: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/KaustubhAgarwal/smart-doorbell-364e28?ref=search&ref_id=ethernet&offset=5


  1. PoE LAN Intercom Doorbell Sound Module.


For this project, the author implemented an IP-based Sound module compatible with the IP-based Doorbell that he is using. The sound module runs as a HTTP Client so that when there is a request from the IP-based Doorbell, it outputs sound. With that, the user is able to remotely check the presence of visitor as long as the Sound module is connected to the network.


Original content: http://www.dxsdata.com/2015/03/poe-lan-intercom-doorbell-sound-module/


  1. My Experimental Doorbell.

This project shows how to leverage Arduino and a PIR sensor as a Doorbell. Once it recognizes the visitor through the PIR sensor, it outputs the voice prompt for the visitor and informs the user through the Doorbell server. The Doorbell server also stores the photo of visitor via webcam and pushes the image to the user.

assembling doorbell5

Original content: https://cranklin.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/my-experimental-doorbell/

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