The main cause of increasing indoor air pollution, including particulate matter from China, is insulation.

Due to the accumulation of indoor pollution concentration in accordance with the closing trend of the building, the countermeasures against the bad fine dust coming from outside are becoming unclear.

Another reason is the increase of use of various living furniture(ceiling, floor, wall) and building materials(cement, flooring, adhesive, paint, wallpaper), hence a large amount of harmful gas is being emitted.


Thus, we need procedures that can deal with this harmful gas more efficiently.

I would like to introduce some contents from the WIZnet Museum.


1. Air quality / weather station


An air quality or weather station project is The Device that monitors the temperature, noise and carbon dioxide levels via cloud service. Author wanted to measure the CO2 concentration in the air, the temperature and noise level and compare it between two locations. So, He created a device with the Arduino platform; using Arduino Ethernet and Sensors.

He used Cloud solution – which offers both data in and data out in the form of gathering data from sensors and remote control devices by defining actuators on the platform first and then linking them to the hardware by using the API.


2. Air Quality Monitoring


This project is about an automatic air quality monitoring system with inexpensive devices such as Arduino, Ethernet Shield and Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F Optical Dust Sensor.


3. Air Quality Disply

Air Quality Display

In this project, we can display the information of the air concentration after receiving the data from Arduino + Ethernet using site.

This site internationally shows the air quality of each country.


4. Air Pollution v2

This project shows how to read condition in the air at that place using VOCs sensor.

VOCs stands for ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ and means hydrocarbon compound volatilized in the atmosphere to generate stench or ozone.



Although we try to sense and adapt to various changes amongst the rapidly changing world, this causes a big problem.

This also implicates that we only look towards the result and not consider the counter problems.

The busier we are, the more we need a habit of looking back.

Curator : Edward from WIZnet
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