Ethernet Collection

Various Applications

6 channel

6 Channel Analog Temperature Logger

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The Idea was to observe several temperature changes in my home central heating / solar water heating system and see the startup/shutdowns temperature values of the heating circuits.

Arduino + Ethernet Shield to Monitor Temperature

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Temperature monitoring using Arduino Ethernet shield.

Locker System Using Android’s FIngerprint


The basic idea of this project is to simulate a locking/unlocking mechanism to the users , which they can lock/unlock using their android's fingerprint mechanism.

Traffic Management System with Autonomous Car And Ambulance Detection

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In this project we have successfully developed a prototype for the real time solution and implementation of Traffic Management System with an Autonomous car and the added feature of Ambulance Detection.

Most Comprehensive Tutorial

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I made a weather station connected to the internet. It measures temperature, humidity, UV index, rainfall and it calculates few more important meteorological values. It then sends this data to, which has nice graphics and UX. It also has a weather web camera. It cost me around 150€. I made this station as my school project.
Start standalone

START: A STandalone ARduino Terminal

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A standalone Arduino terminal tutorial

Tutorial for using WizFi250-EVB with Arduino

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This project describes that how to use the WizFi250-EVB with Arduino to connect to the internet.

Traffic light,boom barrier control via Ethernet

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Control the traffic light and boom barrier through the relay via Ethernet connection.