Ethernet Collection

Various Applications


Displaying data on a website – Electronic Pot [Arduino Nano + Ethernet Shield]


This project is about making a electronic pot (the Arduino E-Pot) hat would measure the basic needs of the plant (humidity, temperature and the presence of light)

W5500 am ATmega8

This is an easy guide to use W5500 for ATmega8 users. It provides W5500 drive and reference schematic and compares how to add ethernet connectivity with Microchip and W 5500. Software: GitHub

Web based automation courtesy of Raspberry Pi

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This project is a great example of the Raspberry Pi’s ability to eclipse Arduino when it comes to interaction. [Fall Deaf] mentions that he used to use an Arduino board with an Ethernet shield to add extensible interactivity to his project.
Smart Home Mini Arduino

Smart Home Mini Arduino – In 30 Minutes – posting in Ubidots

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Make your Smart Home with Arduino system in less than 30 minutes with this project . Simple, no complicated codes. So let's Start?

Most Comprehensive Tutorial

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Sending and Receiving Data Over Ethernet

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In order to complete this lesson, you will need an Arduino, an Ethernet Shield, and the Pressure Sensor. If you do not have this particular pressure sensor, you can probably follow along in the lesson using whatever sensor you have that is of interest.

Send Data Sensor from Arduino to Processing

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The project presented here it is a TCP/IP socket system between an Arduino Ethernet Shield and a program running in a laptop elaborated by Processing. To demonstrate a total communication between the client and the server of the TCP/IP socket, I’ve designed a program in which the data sensors are represented in the screen and when a button is pushed, the client or the server respond with a light.

IBoard Arduino ATMega328 Board With WIZnet POE Ethernet Port For Home Automation Robot Control


Iboard is a unique Arduino board which features a WIZnet ethernet port, an XBee socket, nRF24L01+ module interface and an ATMega328.

IONO Ethernet

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It is Var product with Ethernet Shield for 4 Relay channel