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SparkFun Ethernet Shield Quickstart Guide

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we’ll cover how to get up and running with the SparkFun Ethernet Shield. Requirements, hardware, assembly, and programming will all be covered.

How to use CoAP Protocol with WizArduino M0 ETH


Configure CoAP Server and CoAP Client using two WizArduino. Configure the system to be able to turn On/Off the LED according to the sensing value by connecting CDS sensor to LED.

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How to get current weather information with WizArduino MEGA WiFi

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This posting shows how to use API of OpenWeatherMap site that provides weather information using WizArduino MEGA WiFi.

NANO W5100 Ethernet Shield Network Expansion Board for Arduino


EYEWINK W 5500 ethernet network module


W5500 Ethernet Network Module TCP/IP SPI Interface 51/STM32 Program W5100 Upgrade Edition